Tuesday, 21 June 2016


Well, the new bedroom timberwork and painting has been completed.  The quilt on the bed though is still to be finished.  I've been working on this one for years and years.  All the circles, large and small, have been made out of 'scraps' from my material hoard.  Circles are all hand-made and appliqued by hand on to the background.  Now I'm in the process of quilting the three layers together.  Top layer - the circles, middle layer - the batting and bottom layer - the backing of the quilt.  I'm quilting all the seams of the background, the circles themselves and another circle within the circle.  Have decided to really get my head down and get this finished, so the plan is to do a bit each morning.

Have only put up one 'picture' so far, a cross stitch made by Greer.

And especially for those who like reading, I put a few of my very favourite books on the side cupboard specially for the photograph!

Oops!  They're all on top of David's library book!

Remember you can click the photograph to enlarge it!


  1. It's already looking wonderful Connie. Well done David! And we expect to see that quilt at sewing again. It's going to bring the whole room together. ��

    1. I got up early Lynne and have done an hour's quilting before taking the dogs for a walk. Good to get some done early and then a break for the wee hands!

  2. The circle quilt is looking grand! So is the room ...