Monday, 4 July 2016


Finished this flannel quilt recently.  It's been lying in a box for years as I felt it was a bit small and didn't have much material left that matched to make it bigger.  Anyhoo, dug out what I had and with a bit of playing around, managed to get enough bibs and bobs to put two more rows on the bottom and side.

Took up to Robyn's to tack it for quilting and she suggested tying it, which we proceeded to do.  All that was left for me to do was come home, go through the scraps and get enough to make the binding.

David loves it!  When I'm sitting quilting in the evening, he puts on his beanie and drapes the quilt around his shoulders.  Because I'm covered in a heavy quilt, quilting, I get a bit hot and turn off the heating!


  1. Flannels are one of my favourites. I've got some more flannel coming in the post soon! Guess who's getting a yummy flannel bunny rug!

  2. Where's the 'post' coming from? Best time of the year to cuddle up by the fire and make a flannel bunny rug for that wee person you will all see soon.

  3. I can imagine both of you cuddled up in your quilts! No beanie for you, Connie? Although with the warm weather we have been having,I guess there has been no need for one!
    The flannel quilt looks a lovely quilt for David.