Thursday, 25 August 2016


Here's the 'before' photograph.  Doesn't look that desperate for a makeover from the photograph but it really did need freshening up.  The beautiful Mackintosh chair that David made has been moved to the small lounge (library!).  David replaced the skirtings from the small half-dowling to a more substantial skirting.  We removed the curtains and he made a timber pelmet for the blind on the front window.  The doors to the verandah, where the curtains are we have left bare. Windows to front - no curtains, just the blind.  The doors aren't clear glass so there's plenty privacy.  David also put up a picture rail to break the walls up a bit.  Ceiling, all paintwork including picture rail, skirtings, architraves, doors are in white and for the walls we have again used the washed out green that we used in our bedroom.

I've move the beds around and put an old desk on the wall beside the doors.  A nice view from the hallway as you pass.  Also pulled up the rug to make the room feel less cluttered.

Not terribly clear but gives you an idea.  Remember, you can click the photographs to enlarge them.

You like my quilts?  Both hand-quilted and hand appliqued.  The first one has been sewn with my machine but hand quilted.  The second one, inspired by my dear friend Robyn Ginn.  Google her and see her amazing work.

I've just recovered from laughing.  A glove suddently appeared outside my window.  David had put it on a long pole and was waving it in front of the window.

Photograph of the next project - the hallway and the bathroom to the right.  Photograph taken looking towards the front door.

And, this one taken from the front door.

Watch this space!

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  1. Beautiful Connie. But you sound like a girl on a mission. Can't wait to see the next chapter! 🎀