Thursday, 20 October 2016


...The constant challenge in this life we call Christian is the translation of what we believe into our day-to-day lifestyle.  Risky business!

This doesn't, of course mean conforming to some prescribed pattern of enthusiastic affection... Rather, it is a thing of complete spontaneity, unprogrammed and unpredictable.  It is more likely to make us feel foolish (if we are the least bit self-conscious) than to make us feel that at last we have arrived at Christian maturity.  In order to do more than adopt a passing fad, we never forget that the spontaneous affection erupting within us is the love of God poured into our hearts by the Holy Spirit.

The courage to risk approaching an enemy to seek reconciliation belongs in the same category.  It will expose us to very probable rejection, ridicule and failure...In season and out of season, in success and failure, in grace and disgrace, the courage to risk everything on the signature of Jesus is the mark of authentic discipleship...

                                                                         Excerpt from Signature of Jesus (Brennan Manning)

David took this photograph last year - somewhere in Scotland.

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