Friday, 16 September 2016


Oh dear!  I can't find any BEFORE picture of the bathroom, so you will have to put on your imagination glasses.  The floor was timber and wasn't very friendly with the water from the shower and the walls were completely white with no picture rail.   We are very chuffed with the finished product with thanks for the many hands who put it all together;  ma boy, Alan who laid the base for the tiles, the man who regrouted the shower walls and base, the amazing tiler who, when I gave him the picture I had printed off Pinterest shook his head and wondered how he would ever get out of the place in time to pick up his children from school.  He did it!  Started around 8.00am and was gone by 2.30pm.  Also thanks to the plumber who had to initially uninstall the toilet which sat in all its glory on the front verandah for a couple of weeks and of course returned to reinstall it.  And again, ma boy who did all the woodwork and painting.  "I'll do inside the linen press!" (which is behind the door) I said, knowing it would be a very awkward (don't you love that 'awkward' word written down, very awkward!) job and who had already done it when I was ready to role up my sleeves.

Click photograph to enlarge.  

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