Monday, 26 September 2016


I broke a bone in my foot the other day and I'm in plaster up to my knee.  By the sound of everyone's advice I will probably be like this for a few weeks.

"Give me your Christmas quilt Connie, and I'll baste it for you!" said my dear friend Robyn.  Here it is on her basting frame where I am sure that everyone who quilts in this town has at one time or another had their quilt tied to it with Robyn helping baste it with them.

Looking forward to sitting, leg up, and quilting while David runs around at my beck and call!


  1. This is one Quilt Journey you may wish you didn't have to take with a broken foot, but you have every excuse to sit and let the world go by as you stitch to your heart's content.

  2. You're right Lynne. I'm sitting here on the recliner with foot elevated, sewing on one side, books on another and computer on my lap! Hope to catch up next week at Kerrie's.

  3. This is a charming challenge for you, Connie... Enjoy the book and internet too..... and David being on your beck and call. What is the book?

  4. Hi there Gerda One of the books was Paradise Lodge by Nina Stibbe. Absolutely hilarious. I think I did a blog about it. The other one by Hilary Mantel - A PLACE OF GREATER SAFETY, I am still reading. It's a large novel about the French Revolution. Fantastic writing and in her blurb she says that most of the characters and words they speak in her novel are historically accurate. She also says that if the reader is unsure of what is fact and what is fiction, if it seems difficult to believe, then it's most likely fact!